GoalSavers (Accent Housing Staff)

Struggling to save for your personal goals? BDCU is here to get you into a savings habit!

GoalSavers is a savings account exclusive to new and existing payroll staff at  Accent Housing.

Our GoalSavers Account is an easy and safe way to save up for your savings goals from your Accent Payroll Deduction

It helps you ahead for your longer term goals such as a car purchase or wedding.

If you find it hard to save, read our money tips to help get you started.

Our GoalSavers (Accent Housing) benefits include:

  • It's easy to save

    Savings and loans payments are deducted from your salary before you are paid. Hence, No direct debits or standing orders to bounce

  • More loan options

    We are more likely to approve a loan if you are on a payroll deduction scheme. See our latest loan offer here

  • Faith Friendly

    Saving with BDCU is ethical because we don't pay set interest. Instead a profit sharing ‘dividend’ is paid when we have surplus. Consequently our savings are ‘Faith Friendly’ for people who can’t take interest. Therefore, we are not financial excluding the Accent Housing staff who come from a Muslim background from this opportunity.

How It Works:

  • Existing Payroll Member:

If you are an existing Accent Payroll Member, please complete this application and email it to credit.union@bdcu.co.uk

  • New Payroll Member:

If you are not yet a member, you will need to join online first by clicking here bdcu.co.uk/join

Please have your payroll number, passport/ drivers licence to hand with your debit card to pay your first £5 savings.

Membership takes 7 days to set up, you will then be able to apply for GoalSavers account by complete this application and email it to credit.union@bdcu.co.uk

  • Additional Payments:

You can make additional payments into your GoalSavers account from your main Regular Savers by online or smartphone banking transfer.

  • Withdrawals:

You can make a withdrawal through online or mobile banking to your main Regular Savers and then transferred into your nominated bank account.