Blue Monday – Banish Your Monday Blues

Blue Monday

The pandemic may be over, but we are currently in a ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ with rising inflation and bills sky-high. Here at BDCU Money Tips, we are focusing on ‘Blue Monday’, and how to get rid of your Monday blues. Blue Monday is apparently the saddest day of the year.

How to get rid of the Monday blues:

This year can be more difficult with darker winter nights that don’t help. Therefore, as financial difficulties arise, more people are feeling low and stressed about their money.

Physical activity and Meditation

During cold winter days, you might prefer to skip the gym and stay at home under a blanket watching TV. However, Stephen Buckley, Head of information at Mind suggests that “keeping physical activity can help Increase your energy levels and lift your mood.” If cycling or jogging isn’t your thing, you could check your local gym’s website for their latest offers and classes.

Meditation can help your mental health. But the life hack of exercise and meditation together is staggering. Research from Rutgers University states that depression can be reduced by around 40% by exercising and meditating 30 minutes, twice a week.

Some meditation apps include HeadSpace and Calm or you could look up YouTube videos for free!

Step Outside

Get off your phones, step outside and immerse yourself in nature. Going outside and getting some natural light and fresh air can help in lowering anxiety and depression. You can boost your Vitamin D levels with natural light outside and take Vitamin D supplements to lighten your mood. Consider having a medical check-up or blood test. Nutrient-rich foods such as fish and eggs also can help.

Be kind to yourself and check in on your mental health

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to work, it can be easy to put yourself down. But it’s important to be kind to ourselves as this can have a negative effect on the way we see ourselves and behave with others.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of anxiety and depression, check in on your mental health by reaching out to medical professionals.

What is BDCU doing to help?

Great news! We are launching a NEW Consolidation Loan! Following feedback, we found that members and non-members do not want to take out new lending. They do, however, want to consolidate existing credit cards, overdrafts, and personal loans into a new cheaper loan. Banks are also raising their rates, so people need to make their borrowing cheaper.

You can Consolidate your existing credit cards, overdrafts, and personal loans here.

Start Saving! We help encourage our members to get into savings habits in a way that is suitable for them. Whether that’s through payroll deduction, regular savings, or saving as you borrow. You can see the type of saving accounts we have here.