Webinar for Financial Wellbeing Week

Thank you to all our participants on our Bradford District Credit Union webinar today with the Money and Pensions Service (MAPS),  ‘Mind in Bradford’, ‘NECA Gambling Service’ and ‘Stop Loan Shark Team’.

Together we bring you top speakers to help you get on top of your finances.

Click here for Jenny’s video on Pensions 

Money and Pensions Presentation for BDCU by Jenny Wright (youtube.com)

My thanks to the speakers, please click below for their presentations:

  1. Pensions Presentation (Money & Pensions Service – MoneyHelper)
  2. Mind-In-Bradford Presentation BDCU
  3. BDCU ‘Work Not Worry’ Presentation
  4. NECA Gambling Related Harm Presentation 03.24 (Mandy Brown)
  5. Stop Loan Shark Presentation

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