Member Benefits

Bradford District Credit Union (BDCU) provides low cost loans and safe savings account. We support people to save wisely and borrow affordably.

The Credit Union helps our members avoid the financial exclusion and poverty that prevents them from participating fully in society. We do this is by using a fair approach to credit assessment. As a result people with poorer credit profiles can still access a loan. By providing regular money tips we aim to help people that need support in order to be accepted for a loan.

The Credit Union is:

  • A financial cooperative

    We're a viable alternative to high street banks and other high cost lenders, with a key difference: we are owned by our members.

  • Financially secure

    With sound and ethical governance, led by experienced volunteer directors.

  • Sustainable

    The Credit Union doesn't make risky investments. In fact, all of our lending is funded by our members deposits.

  • Supportive

    ... of our members during the cost of living crisis, for example by providing regular money tips.

  • Growing quickly

    So we can help more people avoid financial difficulty and start saving for the future.

What Our Members Have To Say:


Credit Union Member

'BDCU was there for me when I needed my first loan 15 years ago. Saving via my council payroll has helped me get into the savings habit and I don’t even notice it till I log in and see my growing balance. Taking a loan is easy and I pay this back from my payroll too.'

How it works

A credit union is a group of people, connected through membership by a 'common bond' based on the area they live in, the occupation they work in, or the employer they work for.

Members save together and these savings are pooled to provide affordable loans when needed at a fair and reasonable rate of interest.

Credit unions serve members, they do not profit from their needs.

Surplus income generated can be returned to the members by way of a dividend. Additionally any profit may be directed to improved or additional services for members. A dividend is payable when the Credit Union makes a profit and has already been able to allocate an agreed amount of money to its own reserves. The rate is decided by the members at each Annual General Meeting.

Savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

For members looking for low cost loans:

  • There are no hidden fees
  • Our Save as You Borrow service helps you get started on a savings habit
  • A poorer credit score doesn’t mean we won’t lend to you
  • Our payroll deduction scheme makes it easy to save and borrow from your pay

Ready to find out more about saving with us?

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