Making a payment

How to pay into your Credit Union account

There are 3 ways to make a payment into a credit union, to save or make a payment towards your loan.


Internet banking

Use your internet banking as your main bank to make a one off payment or set up a standing order to your credit union account. (Please ensure you use your member number and surname in the reference for payments to reach your account).

If you do not have our banking details, please contact us.

Note the reference must ALWAYS be your member number and surname in order for your money to reach your account

Payment by debit card

Follow this link to make a payment using a debit card. Please note it can take 5 - 7 days for the payment to reach your account.


PayPoint is the most convenient way to pay your household bills, top up your mobile and make other payments in cash, at local shops where you live. There are PayPoint outlets located across the UK in newsagents and convenience stores.

These outlets are carefully selected nationwide for their convenient locations, long opening hours and friendly, easy service. Many PayPoint convenience retail outlets are open from early morning to late night, 7 days a week. PayPoint also offers the perfect opportunity to pay your bills while sorting out your finances on regular visits to your local Credit Union.

Please note it can take 10 days for the payment to reach your account.


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