Payroll deduction

Bradford District Credit Union offers a payroll deduction scheme.

Juggling your finances isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve got a job that keeps you on your toes. That’s why we work with local employers to make it a bit easier.

Our payroll savings and loans scheme, you can arrange to have a portion of your salary deducted each month and put straight into your savings or towards the cost of your loan.

The payment is deducted before your money goes into your bank meaning that you save without noticing it! 

Importantly, saving money regularly helps protect you from unexpected financial pressures and helps you manage your money more effectively.

  • Painless

    Savings and loans payments are deducted from your salary before you are paid.

  • More loan options

    We are more likely to approve a loan if you are on a payroll deduction scheme

  • Peace of mind

    No direct debits or standing orders to bounce.

Accent Housing Association
Airedale Hospital NHS Trust and AGH Solutions
Bradford College
Bradford District Care Trust
Bradford Teaching Hospitals
Bradford University
Carers Resource
Council Bradford
Council Kirklees
Exceed Academy Trust
Horton Housing Association
Manningham Housing
Sovereign Health
Sure Start
Trident/ BetterStart
West Yorkshire Pension Fund


Bradford City Council

I needed a loan in a hurry and having saved through their payroll savings and loans scheme, I was able to pay back my loan from my wages. I can't recommend this service enough

Are you an employer?

Partner with us and offer Credit Union membership as a staff benefit

Help your employees organise their finances through Bradford District Credit Union. It is free and simple to offer these services to your staff through payroll deduction.

Furthermore, it's quick and easy to set up too and you won’t get involved in their money issues. As a result, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your staff are within a local financial support network and able to receive support should they need it.

Employees can save and make loan repayments direct from their salary and can:

  • Build savings and repay Bradford District Credit Union loans direct from their salary
  • Access competitive products and services, tailored to their needs
  • Earn a dividend on their savings when the Credit Union makes a profit
  • Improve their credit opportunities by subscribing to our money tips

Ready to find out more about saving with us?

Whether you're a member or not, it only takes a few minutes to start saving with us.