FoodSavers ™ is a partnership project for the Bradford District with Inn Churches. FoodSavers aims to reduce dependency on foodbanks and free food provision, by combining sustainable low-cost food markets with easy saving of £1 for each visit into the Credit Union. As a Credit Union member, you can save more into your Regular Shares account and apply for loans

Partnering with Inn Churches, this Bradford Council partly-funded project now has 16 outlets around Bradford offering low cost food to the community with members able to save into the Credit Union to build up their savings. Members have so far saved over £37,000 offering a unique way to save in the community.

Find a FoodSavers outlet: FoodSavers Network - Bradford Foodbanks

Foodsavers pantry list f

Andrew Forsey

National Director, Feeding Britain

‘Just as Bradford has innovated with community food models to help people stretch their budgets further, this new FoodSavers model will build longer-term financial resilience.'

For More Information:

Head to the FoodSavers website


For Pantry enquiries contact Tess Wilkins on 01274 955010 or 07724 038479

Credit Union member enquiries contact: or

Call on 01274 434100

Savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


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