BDCU introduces new Products


Like London buses, good news has come along twice in a short period of time at BDCU!

After successfully securing £120,000 from the Mayor of West Yorkshire’s ‘Cost of Living Support Fund’, we’ve been able to launch two new initiatives.

Uniform Savers.

The first marks the return of our popular Uniform Savers program.

Following positive feedback from members who have used Uniform Savers in the past, we’re delighted to welcome it back for a third consecutive year.

Designed to help members tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis, Uniform Savers helps single-parent families with the cost of school uniforms by encouraging them to develop a savings habit by offering an incentive; anyone who saves for their child’s school uniform three times with BDCU receives £100!

A forward-thinking approach to saving, Uniform Savers both reduces the financial stress facing some households and empowers them to secure a stable financial future for themselves and their children, as evidenced by the more-than-65% of families who used the scheme last time it was available and continued saving after receiving their bonus.

Every Little Elfs.

The second new initiative is our Every Little Elfs loan.

Available to low-income families, individuals facing financial challenges and those with low credit scores in Bradford, Kirklees and Craven, the Every Little Elf program sees members who qualify receive a £200 loan to help them navigate the notoriously expensive Christmas period without needing to turn to unscrupulous lenders or loan sharks.

More than just a loan, Every Little Elfs also enables members to:

  1. Save while they borrow. Anyone joining the scheme receives a £10 credit boost in their account when their loan is approved and can save as they repay, helping them build a financial safety net for when money is tight.
  2. Build their credit score. As recipients repay their loan, they’ll also be improving their credit score.
  3. Stop worrying about fees: Members can repay their loan early without any extra charges.

Ian Brewer, Community Development Lead at BDCU, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer two new initiatives to our members at such a crucial time of year.

“By supporting the communities in which we operate, we’re making sure everyone has the best possible chance of improving their financial circumstances and if we can do that while also spreading a little Christmas cheer, so much the better!

“We’d also like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to Mayor Brabin for her involvement in securing us the funding required to get these initiatives – both of which are close to her heart – off the ground. Without her involvement, we may not have been able to provide the sort of support that society’s most financially vulnerable rely upon, especially at this time of year.”

For more information about the new initiatives or to make an application, click here.