Mental Health Awareness Week

mental health awareness

Bradford District Credit Union is taking part in Mental Health Awareness Week as an initiative to go against the stigma which people have and encourage an open conversation about mental well-being. 

What is Mental Health? 

Looking after your mental well-being is highly important, even if you feel like your mental health is good. For some mental health can affect them negatively making them feel low, stressed, anxious and, struggling with daily life. Investing in your mental health wellbeing is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Which is why BDCU is here to provide you with some useful tips to help. 

Mental Health Awareness – Tips To Improve Your Mental Health and Wellbeing: 

Get enough sleep!  

Having good-quality sleep can improve your mental and physical health. Try avoiding caffeine and reducing your phone screen time to prevent them from keeping you awake for longer. Instead, get into a good routine by creating a comfortable sleeping environment. This can be done by having a bath, changing your bedding, or putting a low light on to help.  

Avoid drugs and alcohol 

The effects of recreational drugs and alcohol are often used as coping mechanisms for some. However, that may last for a short period of time, and in the long term they can make you feel worse by affecting your mood and behaviour. 

If you struggle with drugs and alcohol, find support here. 

Get some support 

Support can come in many ways. Whether that’s reaching out to family or friends, a counsellor, a doctor or a mental health professional. Find the support you need by discovering your options and seeing what works best for you. Likewise, If you know someone who is struggling think about ways you can support them. 

Check out the NHS website for mental health services.

Stay active and maintain a balanced diet 

Add some physical exercise to your daily routine. Even if it is for just 10 minutes, start off small and do the physical activity of your choice. Drinking plenty of water and having regular balanced meals can help your energy and mood levels.  

Find out how to maintain a balanced diet here.  

Useful information 

For more help and information, check out our money tips.