Social Prescribing with Treacle 

Social Prescribing with Treacle

Today, at BDCU Money Tips, we will explore the concept of social prescribing—an innovative approach that recognizes the importance of social factors in our overall well-being and how the organization Treacle helps with this.

What is social prescribing?

Imagine a healthcare approach that goes beyond traditional medicine, recognizing that health is not solely determined by our physical bodies, but also influenced by our social connections and activities. Social prescribing does exactly that. It involves healthcare professionals prescribing non-medical activities and community support to improve an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Social prescribing offers many benefits, both for individuals and communities:
It recognizes that a holistic approach to health is essential, promoting overall well-being rather than just treating symptoms. By connecting individuals with community resources, social prescribing tackles loneliness, mental health challenges, and improves social integration.
It also helps prevent the over-reliance on medication by considering alternative solutions to common health issues.
The Process of Social Prescribing works by the beginning of a conversation

What is Treacle? 

Treacle is a free and easy-to-use social prescribing directory.  It gathers information about small local groups, as well as national help and support, into one site.
Although a personal relationship with a specific GP can be therapeutic, it is also becoming a lot more difficult for people to do so. Access to good social prescribing information can decrease reliance on GPs. The aim of Treacle is for people to know where to access information.

Treacle has had a great financial impact on Bradford by helping the city gain almost £2 million in benefit and social prescribing services. Furthermore, of the people who used Treacle, their demand of agencies reduced by  62%, Greater financial resilience and independence increased by 18%, and a 20% rise in volunteering activity within Bradford and Craven.

Resources and Contact information for Treacle

The website has 7 categories of social prescribing groups to provide you with resources:

  • Make friends – local groups, youth clubs and volunteer opportunities
  • My Money – debt & benefits, energy, food support and homelessness
  • My Mind – Bereavement, mindfulness, online help, apps, helplines, older People, young people and local groups
  • My Family – Relationships, babies, young people, adoption & fostering, young children, older people and parent group.
  • My health – Drugs, quit smoking, weight loss, after diagnosis, pregnancy, exercise, sleep, alcohol, Covid-19 and outdoor activity
  • Find Support – Carers, disability, mental Health, refugees, veterans, council info, abuse, LGBTQ+, S.E.N, housing and bullying
  • My work – education, ESOL and employment

For further information or any questions, you may have about Treacle’s services. Fill in the Treacle contact form, here.