Stop Food Waste Day

Every year on April 24th, people worldwide unite to mark Stop Food Waste Day. This global event aims to spotlight the critical issue of food waste and encourage action to address it.

With approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption going to waste annually, the consequences are profound. Not only does food waste squander valuable resources like water and energy, but it also contributes to environmental degradation and exacerbates food insecurity.

The impact of food waste extends far beyond the environmental realm. In a world where millions suffer from hunger, reducing food waste is imperative. By adopting mindful consumption habits, individuals can play a significant role in mitigating this problem. Planning meals, shopping judiciously, and creatively using leftovers are practical steps everyone can take to minimise waste.

Here at BDCU we proudly partner on projects like FoodSavers:

Our partners Inn Churches collaborates with local businesses, supermarkets, and food producers to rescue surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. This rescued food is then distributed to charities, food banks, and individuals in need, ensuring that it reaches those who can benefit from it most.

FoodSavers is a unique project that distributes this reclaimed food to pantries in deprived areas where people can buy bag of shopping they choose for just £6 with £1 going into the credit union. The project now have 540 participants at 18 pantries around Bradford offering low-cost food to the community with members able to save into the Credit Union to build up their savings.

Members have so far saved over £46,000 offering a unique way to save in the community.

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Proper food storage and composting food scraps are additional strategies to reduce waste at home. Moreover, supporting initiatives that redistribute surplus food to those in need can make a tangible difference. By collectively addressing food waste, we can move closer to a future where resources are conserved, hunger is alleviated, and sustainability is prioritised.

Stop Food Waste Day serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to tackle this issue. Through awareness-raising and collaboration, we can work towards a world where no food goes to waste. Let’s seize this opportunity to make every bite count and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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