Ways to Save Money and Save Energy


At Bradford District Credit Union, we believe in helping our members in any way possible. Energy bills are at their peak and due to the Cost-of-Living crisis, we are expecting a further rise.  Therefore, here are a few cheap alternatives and tips on how you can start to save money and save energy at home.

Save Money and Save Energy by

Using Draught excluders

Fit self-adhesive draught excluders to place within any gaps found in your windows. This helps block heat from escaping. Furthermore, for any gaps under your doors, you can get fitted brush/flap strips to block any air. Similarly, for gaps at the side of doors, you can fit in brush strips or foam. As draught excluders don’t cost much, you will be saving money, saving energy, and keeping your home nice and warm!

Similarly, for houses that have chimneys, a lot of them suffer the stack effect of heat escaping from the chimneys. To prevent this, you could fit in a draft excluder. Therefore, stopping cold air from coming into your homes and warm air from escaping. It’s a win-win situation!

Adjusting Heating Controls

Take control of your temperature at home! The average thermostat is 20°C in the UK. However, according to the NHS, you should heat your home at around 18°C. To manage the temperature, you can use smart heating controls to turn your heating on or off and even set timers. The Energy Saving Trust states you can reduce your heating bill by 10% by decreasing your thermostat by just 1°C. Thus, making a significant change in saving energy at home.

A report carried out by Energy Saving Trust in 2022 suggests that by spending one minute less in the shower, a family of four could save up to £35 a year. Hence, as much as it can be tempting to stay a few minutes longer in the hot shower. You can save a lot by cutting a few minutes out!

Switch off Appliances

Instead of leaving appliances for example, TVs, gaming consoles, and phone chargers on overnight or standby. Switch them, off at the socket as this can help to decrease the buildup of energy use. Use a solar charger by letting it absorb enough light by leaving it near a window during the day. Therefore, can then be used to charge your phone overnight.

Those were ways to save money and save energy at home, why not read our money tips for more useful information?